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What Makes PDI Unique?

Our mission: The Professional Development Institute PDI Inc. empowers high achievers with universal competencies and practical tools to succeed as professionals and exemplary leaders. We want you to excel in exemplary team leadership, principled negotiation, finance, project and risk management, brainstorming, innovation and creativity and communication (presentation and writing skills).

Characterized by unrivaled quality and high focus on innovation, our workshops and world seminars provide the most effective leadership skills applying Harvard® tools to excel in performance, productivity and growth in a turbulent environment. Seminars available in English, French and Spanish with simultaneous translation into other languages. Tailoring in-house sessions to client needs is among our distinctive strengths.

Our Proven Tools: We are the only organization licensed, since 1991, by Harvard to create and deliver Harvard University Global System™ (HUGS), the best toolkit for thorough brainstorming, negotiating ethical deals and effectively managing projects, risk and your personal time.

Affordable, Harvard-branded products are used in small and large businesses and government organizations in every economic sector (IT, finance, transportation, aerospace, health, biotech, education, publishing, energy, construction, agrobusiness, media, manufacturing and defense).

HUGS visually-attractive road maps on negotiation, risk management, strategy, time and project management are practical checklists, featured in corporate conference rooms to support innovation and creativity, rigorous decision-making and insightful discussions.

An independent study by Ernst & Young has confirmed that users of the Harvard® Planner, save each user 10 days per year, thus netting an unparalleled ROI. It is, by far, the best in its price range.

Our Clients: Whether you are a senior executive, an entrepreneur, a team leader, a PMP, a lawyer, an executive assistant or a professional in finance, engineering, R&D, IT, marketing, sales, HR, logistics or operations, our workshops provide you with cutting-edge tools and knowledge to fast-track your journey to excellence.

Alain Paul Martin leads PDI's professional team whose experience spans a wide range of sectors including R&D management, life sciences (health, food and nutrition, biotechnology), software, aerospace, chemicals, pulp & paper, banking, insurance, communication, defense and government.

Alain has taught management in graduate business schools and is a Fellow in Advanced Leadership (Harvard University), an alumnus in entrepreneurship (Harvard Business School) and a graduate in Commerce (Concordia). Alain has advised corporate executives worldwide, prime ministers, members of parliaments, diplomats, government and U.N. leaders.

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