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Exemplary Leadership & Management-Skills Workshop
for Team Leaders, New Managers and Senior Professionals Aspiring to Lead

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  • Learning Objectives

    The leadership role has never been an easy one and today it seems more difficult than ever, especially for new managers and team leaders who must deliver a high performance with limited authority. The leader's job is to get work done through their team and peers, among others; who, in a real sense, affect their performance. It becomes critical, in terms of each leader's career, to ascertain that the team members, peers and other stakeholders are working together at peak effectiveness. The focus of this workshop is how to motivate and deliver such peak performance while preserving the dignity and self-esteem of all involved.

    This workshop is for new managers, team leaders and other professionals aspiring to management and who wish to gain practical skills and cutting-edge knowledge in leadership, team-building and managerial decision-making. As a participant, you will learn to mobilize, inspire and nurture talent; build allies and high-performing teams and set a gold standard for exemplary conduct through a resilient culture of quality excellence, innovation, on-going improvement, accountability, integrity, compassion, selfless courage and genuine self-leadership.
    Workshop Benefits

    At the end of this workshop, you will acquire the proven skills to attract, empower, reward and retain talent; get high commitment to a shared vision; delegate; bring out the best in others; and lead your team to success. You will learn to recognize true priorities; assume responsibility and accountability; manage risks; diagnose and improve your ability to address problems and conflicts; value diversity; build a culture based on trust and mutual respect; inspire; mentor and act as a role model for others. You will take home new ideas, proven Harvard® tools and sound timesaving skills, most of which are unavailable elsewhere.

    Detailed Outline (2.5 days - 2 CEU)

    1. Neglected Issues in Managing and Leading Teams

    • Introduction: Three counterintuitive lessons most leaders ignore at their peril
    • Fundamental drivers of excellent decisions and policies
    • How to validate goals and prevent errors
    • Practical team exercise and interactive feedback
    • Setting priority and urgency: Theory and best practices to tackle pervasive challenges
    • How to apply collaborative and soft power and other constructive instruments of influence and control
    • Why evidence, logic and reason should, as a first choice, always prevail over power and even authority to enforce decisions. The role of authority as a deterrent.
    • Illustrations from participant's contexts and class discussion

    2. Profession Team Builder: Key Success Factors

    • Leadership knowledge (not necessarily diplomas), skills and much more
    • Guided teamwork exemplarity within our reach
    • How to forge exemplary team leadership in context
    • Essential team-building and management skills

    3. Prepare Your Team to Succeed Beyond Measure

    • Team's and leader's roles: 6 keys to compatibility
    • How to concurrently improve interpersonal relations and team performance
      • FIRO-B psychometric exercises and interpretation on personal growth
    • How to assign clear roles and prevent serious conflicts
    • Teamwork: Harvard® Responsibility & Accountability Chart
    • How to reduce usual delays in getting approvals

    4. How to Motivate, Delegate and Empower Teams

    • From theories to best practices: From Schein and Katz to Gander
    • Motivating former peers, newcomers and old hands
    • How to delegate, empower, control and get results
    • Practical lessons from high-achieving team leaders

    5. Management of Change for Top Performance

    • Richard Beckhard's psychology of resistance to change
      • Underlying causes matter including normalization of deviance
      • What should change and in what sequence
      • Changing attitudes and behavior: Do's and don'ts
    • Turning resistance into a force for good
    • How to orchestrate positive and irreversible change

    6. Conflict Prevention, Diagnosis and Resolution

    • How to discuss complaints with your team and others
    • Conflict diagnosis and resolution road map

    7. Managing Difficult Situations and Hostile People

    • Teamwork on passive, resistant or openly hostile people
    • How to nurture the misguided to take the high road
    • How to firmly discipline without adverse effects

    8. Managing Time and Organizing Your Team

    • How to set priorities and schedule your week and day
    • How to get and stay organized: Practical tools & tips
    • Managing interruptions: Demonstration and practice
    • 25 tips to effective e-mails and higher productivity

    9. How to Conduct 360° Performance Reviews

    • Two exercises: Sensitive performance reviews
    • Practical tips for successful review meetings
    • Managing nine staff reactions: Current best practices
    • How to praise, reward, and share negative feedback

    10. Inspiring Models of Exemplary Team Leaders

    Webinar Leader: Alain Paul Martin

    Alain Paul Martin, Workshop Leader Harvard-MIT Trained Leader: Meta-Innovation Scientist and Chief Architect, Harvard University Global System Serial Innovator: Manufacturing, Aerospace and Social Innovations and New Organizations in the Private, Public and NGO Sectors Team Coach: Discovery, Scaling and Delivery of Innovation Processes, Products, Services and Platforms Educator: Exemplary Team & Technical Leadership, Innovation Ecosystems, Strategy, Managment of Change, Principled Negotiation & Project Management

    Education: A Harvard-MIT multidisciplinary-trained leader and 2012 Harvard Fellow, Advanced Leadership, and entrepreneurship alumnus of Harvard Business School (1997-1999), Alain Paul Martin studied advanced technology in France with internships at Peugeot, ARD National TV Network (Berlin), the University of Ottawa (Particle Physics) and Carleton University's Hydrodynamics Lab. He subsequently graduated in Commerce (Quantitative Methods) from Concordia University in Montreal; and acquired skills in system thinking and change management (MIT Sloan School, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland), and mediation and advanced negotiation for lawyers, at Harvard Law School from which he is certified to teach negotiation in corporations.

    Current Mission: Advance meta-innovation: Alain Paul Martin leads PDI , a catalyst in principled leadership and collaborative innovation, thanks to a diverse team of scientists, engineers, economists, assistants and clients. The team distills the knowledge and best practices of innovation science, leadership, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, decarburization and system thinking to spearhead innovations, that maximize user value, top and bottom-line results and SDG/ESG impacts.

    Mr. Martin is the Chief Architect, Harvard University Global System (for which PDI is Harvard University's licensee). Alain led this System's design and a software version, used by Skanska (Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the U.K.) to manage projects ($1M to multi-billions). The present System includes the Harvard® Roadmap for Exemplary and Collaborative Innovation. This roadmap will serve as the outline and background document for the complete program. It facilitates the creation and scaling of competitive, ecologically sustainable and socially beneficial user-centered products.

    Faculty Chair: Mr. Martin currently leads graduate courses and corporate webinars on exemplary team and technical leadership, the complete-innovation cycle and ecosystems, meta-innovation, and management of change and high-stake negotiations (bar certified), and stakeholders' empowerment and engagement (from issue incubation to fruition or graceful exit, including collective intelligence, strategic communication and strategic alliances) for scientists, engineers, policy makers, team leaders and graduate students, in English and French.

    Prior to COVID19, he taught graduate M.Sc. courses; and delivered workshops at Bertelsmann, Boliden (Sweden), Cap-Gemini (Netherlands and U.K.), EON, Framingham University, The Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (ENAA), GE Jet Engines (U.S., France and Canada), Harvard University and the Ivy-League's Leadership Summit, MD Robotics, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and OCP Group (Morocco), Ontario's Power Generation (Nuclear-Power Engineering), Teck (Applied Research & Technology), Textron Bell Helicopters, UN University (Tokyo), University of Quebec and governments (Canada, EU, U.S. and Latin America).

    Track Record in Innovation and Management of Change

    Alain Paul Martin is a meta-innovation scientist, with IT design, operations-research and management-science experience, a patent recipient (U.S, Canada and Japan), a serial social innovator, a manufacturing-innovation inventor at Peugeot and recipient of two aerospace awards from Bombardier-Canadair (now Airbus) for improving aircraft manufacturing (CAM).

    Mr. Martin invented practical mechanisms to empower support staff; and bring synergy to innovation teamwork and master the finest details in project planning and progress control. The same mechanisms also permit international project teams to share and probe complex plans and progress reports, across language boundaries, both in small and large multi-billion dollar projects, including engineering and large-infrastructure programs.

    In finance and banking, Desjardins' President John Harbour, praised Mr. Martin's role, as a 12-year main strategic advisor, in crafting “the vision and strategic direction of Desjardins”, a $75 billion financial institution, and “the world's 2nd strongest bank”, (Bloomberg's ranking at the time). In the general-insurance sector, Mr. Martin coached the executive team to turn Desjardins from a laggard into the industry's flagship through strategic innovations, leapfrogging Zurich and ING; and become “North-America's fastest-growing general insurer in 5 years”, quadrupling sales and raising profit tenfold (CEO's video in French at

    In the public service, Mr. Martin co-founded the Canadian Food Inspection Agency with Dr. Brian Morrissey who led scientific research both at Fisheries & Oceans and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. He also teamed-up with Mr. John Harbour to reform the SAAQ, an agency saddled with a $489 million debt, fast-rising deaths and severe injuries, due to highway accidents. He coached the SAAQ strategic team whose decisions saved thousands of lives, in less than 5 years; reducing the death toll (-35%) and severe bodily-injury accidents (-43%), despite a 15% highway-traffic growth; while turning the $489 million debt into $20 million surplus. Mr. Harbour described Martin's 12-year contribution, to Desjardins and the SAAQ, in strategic thinking and innovation tools, in a video in French: (same as above hyperlink).

    Mr. Martin advised two Canadian prime ministers on strategic policies. He also served as a non-partisan Executive Member of the Prime Minister's Committee on Government Reform. He led assignments (public-health, food security, bilateral trade, energy, mining and evaluation of passenger-inspection system and policies at airports), where complex risks and sensitive multi-stakeholder negotiations (regional, national and foreign governments, NGOs, corporate, union and First Nations' representatives and professional associations) were of paramount importance. He also advised the UNESCO's director general and authored “Overhauling the UNESCO and Strengthening Its Essence”. Early in his career, he directed infrastructural engineering projects in Africa (660km-highway engineering funded by the World Bank, 2800km microwave-communication infrastructure by CIDA).

    During the 2019-2021 COVID pandemics, Mr. Martin chaired three international-foresight panels titled: “Incubating Antidotes to Exclusion, Disinformation and Inequality”, “Preparing for the New Pandemics: Lessons from Science and Policy” and “Sustainable Growth and Scaling through Innovation and Strategic Alliances”.

    Alain Paul Martin has a deep commitment and an extensive experience in mentoring, training and coaching executive, administrative and presidential assistants and their leaders in Africa, Europe, Japan and North and Latin America, both the public and private sectors, NGOs and unions. He leads two intensive leadership workshops for executive and administrative assistants (description and video: ). At the dawn of its inception, PDI led the world in inclusion and diversity, including gender equity by delivering the first graduate-level leadership-skills program for women. Fast forward 25 years, and armed with invaluable clients' experience in aerospace, banking, building and infrastructure, mining, defense and governments, PDI launched an ongoing initiative to make Harvard® tools accessible (without compromising value) to everyone in our clients' project teams. As a result, PDI led the world again by delivering Advanced Workshops to enable Executive and Administrative Assistants to excel in decision-making, leadership, procurement negotiations and fully participate in team innovation, and project management (strategy formulation, scheduling, scarce-resource allocation, budgeting and progress control). Empowering executive assistants, with skills of lasting value, is not only fair, humane and dignified; but it is among the best evidence-based business investments yielding immediate returns, as indicated in these international participant-testimonies on Youtube.

    More details, including recognition, awards and praise by clients, leading Fortune 500 corporate executives and scholars, at, and defense leaders at .

    For more on Alain's innovative work in finance & banking, energy & mining, education, the public service and civil society, please refer to : C.V. in PDF format and detailed C.V.

    Tuition Fees and How to Register

    Fees include books, hand-outs, road maps and other course materials of exceptional value (see above), and a daily continental breakfast plus hot and soft drinks during the morning and afternoon pauses, but exclude hotel accommodation (if required).
    • 2.5 days: Regular fees: $1395; Government: $1345; Group fees for 3 or more participants: $1295 per person.
    • 4.5-day Option: Regular fees: $2395; Government: $2345; Group of 3 or more participants: $2295 per person.
      This option includes the workshop titled "Exemplary-Team Leadership & Management Skills Workshop, Part II".
      How to register: Please call us toll free in the USA and Canada: 1-800-HARVARD. International: +1-819-772-7777. We are open 9 AM - 4 PM EDT, Monday through Thursday. Voicemail 24/7.
    Workshop Locations and Hotel Accomodation
    Bring This Program to Your Organization

    We deliver private versions of this program worldwide, online, at the client's site and in tailor-made hybrid variants, to business and governments, NGOs and bar associations and other societies. We would be delighted to work together with your team anywhere. Ask us for a proposal based on the number of participants, the seminar duration, and a selection of cutting-edge course materials and case studies, most applicable to your specific environment.

    Our fees are reasonable. Sales and value-added taxes (HST and PST or VAT) are extra.

    The client is responsible for the conference room and audio-visual materials.

    Toll-free: USA & Canada: 1-800-HARVARD (1-800-427-8273). +1-819-772-7777
    Monday through Thursday: 9 AM to 4:00 PM, EDT. Voicemail: 24 hours 7 days
    European Distribution Centre for Harvard Planners: WH Smith, 248, rue de Rivoli, Paris,75001
    Contact : Sylvie Goffinet  +33 1 53 45 84 40. Métro Concorde.

    A Word about Exemplarity
    from the Participant's Workbook

    "Exemplarity in team leadership and self-leadership is the heart and soul of innovation, progress, excellence and good governance. It takes a critical mass of exemplary leaders to mobilize, build and deploy exemplary teams. Together, they can build allies and move forward their organization, a country and, in some cases, the world."
    The building blocks of "exemplarity" are competence, commitment, selfless courage, caring and solidarity, creativity, prudence, contextual thinking, acting with a conscience and treating everyone with dignity (utmost respect, not necessarily esteem) for a mission worth pursuing. Considering its significance, exemplarity should be taught and practiced in early education, like literacy and mathematics.

    Participants’ Feedback

    "Excellent workshop leader who concisely addressed concerns illustrating with real-world examples! Although I have been a manager for 18 years, I still found the seminar and course material useful."

    Frank Tarbox
    CTH Systems Inc.

    "World-class seminar covering a broad range of topics in a coherent, organized presentation of value to anyone working in/or considering a career in management. Bravo!"

    David Easton
    Budget Budget, Human-Resources Sector

    "This is one of the best training courses I ever took. The practical cases, examples and skills of this program will help me improve the performance of my team and mine."

    Alberto Hernandez
    Engineering Manager
    Avery Dennison

    "Great course. Each day went more quickly than I expected. Dry? No Way!"

    Rick Rayner
    Program Officer
    Assessment & Collections, CRA

    "Excellent speaker and workshop. I will recommend the program."

    Jennifer Farrell
    Business Development Specialist
    Veritaag Technology House

    "An excellent course. Alain Martin was very dynamic and kept our attention every day."

    André Martin
    Section Head
    General Chemistry and Organic Division
    Patent Branch
    Canadian Intellectual Property Organization

    "Exceptional course - well worth the time and money. I will recommend it to my peers and training coordinator."

    Dave Green
    Finance Resource Management, CRA

    "In just three days of training, I am leaving with a full spectrum of new ideas, a complete toolset and course materials that will serve me for years!"

    Marie-Joëlle Dulude
    Liaison Leader
    University of Ottawa

    "I would highly recommend this course to any new manager or leader! The acquired skills will help immensely in improving your effectiveness."

    Michael Breen
    Project Leader, Manufacturing Industries
    Industry Canada

    "PDI Seminars and Mr. Martin's expertise combine to provide aspiring and accomplished executives with valuable information, strategies and instruments for managerial excellence. The Professional Development Institute is a priceless catalyst for personal and career advancement."

    Ozzie Logozzo
    Director, Real Estate College
    Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA)

    "Alain Martin has a vast experience and a great capacity to transfer learning to participants. Bravo!"

    Danny Coveney, Specialist
    Training Simulation, Technical Operations
    Nav Canada

    "A very competent instructor; delivered an outstanding workshop... I plan to take further seminars with Mr. Alain Martin."

    J. Kassis
    Web Technical Specialist
    Information Technology Services (ITS)

    "Alain's Workshop on Leadership Development clearly demonstrated his deep understanding across a wide spectrum of disciplines relevant to the challenges today's leaders face globally. He has developed leadership and management tools which he openly shared with his workshop participants. These concepts and techniques relevant for all levels leadership can be implemented immediately and continuously. His course material was thought provoking, delivered in an energetic, warm and caring manner. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended."

    Naomi Peters
    Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
    K+S Potash

    "Excellent workshop. I recommend it to every manager."

    Francine Charette
    Manager, Sports Canada

    "The workshop leader kept my undivided attention throughout the three days."

    Carole Durepos-Tremblay
    Senior Assessment Officer, Finance & Procurement
    National Capital Commission

    "This course takes complex scenarios and provides concrete strategies for achieving success."

    Mary Ann Kane
    Project Manager
    Correctional Services

    "This course was extremely helpful filled with useful and practical information which I will use on a daily basis with each member of my team and my own manager."

    Louise Rousseau
    Manager, Corporate communications

    "I have been on many seminars over the last 13 years. I have never met anyone (until Alain) that was able to relate his training to real-life examples. Great job!"

    Philip Rizcallah
    Research Coordinator, Fire Safety
    Institute for Research in Construction, Engineering
    National Research Council

    "This seminar was very insightful. I'm looking forward to applying the practical knowledge learned. Great "real life" business examples!"

    Caroline Paris
    Director, Network Promotion
    TV Ontario

    "Great class involvement! The skills and tools acquired during this seminar should help us use our limited resources more effectively and effficiently."

    John Stonier
    Accident Investigator, Air Operations
    Transportation Safety Board

    "With a very experienced and captivating workshop leader, this course should be mandatory for all DND project managers and directors. It is grounded in the real practical world. It teaches you to keep the blinders off; and promotes thinking out of our sometimes self-centered box."

    Sergeant T. Ernie-Parolin
    Department of National Defense

    "This workshop provided me with the fundamental tools to improve my skills ranging from leadership to time management."

    Capt. Adele Boivin
    Manager, Base Construction Engineering
    Department of National Defense